Tennis Pro 3D

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Tennis Pro 3D

Tennis Pro 3D is one of the best browser sports games that I've played. The game offers four modes for you to pick, which range from complete championships, through target practice to challenges against other players and general exhibition matches.

Controls for Tennis Pro 3D:

Hit: Mouse/Finger

How To Play Tennis Pro 3D:

Being one of the best online sports games, Tennis Pro 3D is a straight-forward game to play. In the beginning you have to choose a mode. The various modes in this tennis game online are:

Tournament - A full tournament, where you will face different opponents in the quest for winning it.

Challenges - You can challenge other tennis players to play for money.

Smash The Target - Target practice on the game tennis court.

Exhibition - An exhibition match, which is non-tennis terms will translate into a practice match for fun.

Your goal is of course - to win. This will prove a bit tricky for those of you, who aren't used to play such tennis games. I, myself, had a bit of trouble getting the hang of it.

General instructions about how to play Tennis Pro 3D online are:

Swipe your finger to play a shot

Swipe faster to SMASH

Swipe backwards to hit a LOB Shot

Double Finger Swipe backwards to hit a DROP SHOT

Graphics notes: Average Graphics

Gameplay: Very Good

Loading Time: Good

Most suitable for: Can be played both on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Mobile Apps available for similar games on both Android and IOS

The good: The gameplay is tricky and quite realistic.

The bad: Graphics could've been way better.


Fun(0-10): 8         Graphics(0-10): 6

Physics (0-10): 9         Gameplay (0-10): 7

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 30*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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